The video game series all about Hollywood stunts and car crashes, originally developed by Reflections Interactive.
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By madness
I was just playing the game a little while ago and I noticed this strange glitch. I was using this vehicle and I had to make it to a cannon roll by pushing the action button. Well I got the car in mid air and it said I completed the mission and then I got my reward. It was a toy for the arena. But strange thing was it wasn't a toy it was the car in the same state I left it in at the end of my mission. Attached is a screenshot I took with my mobile phone.
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By Coyote
I don't really understand what you mean. After completing the mission, the car stayed where it was in the mission … ? What :?
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By Sedans
Well the version I had years ago, that IS the arena toy that you are awarded. Post a pic of the car you had to driver for that scene, because if I remember i ahd to drive a black car or a yellow car or something like that... We'll see whats goimng on here.. I think I might be able to help out big time.... =)

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