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By Skylabh
Ok so here's the damages prototype for the vehicles.
Since damaged models can't be extracted, i created this damages system from scratch in 3ds Max.

Originally i opted for "pre rendered" damaged meshes, and the original meshes were replaced at runtime, after a collision.

After reflexion, i chose another method, more convenient to use. The vehicle is deformed by using a few blendshapes.
So i can control which parts are affected by collisions.

With the old method, i separated the car into several parts, but with the blendshapes, I don't need to do it anymore.

The vehicle physics package i use, has a damages function but i wasn't visually satisfied by the result, so that's why i created my own system. I wanted a similar visual effect, like in the game.

So some screenshots:
As you can see, it's possible to damage only a side.
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By Skylabh
PrototypeDriver wrote:Nice damage models! You know what would be nice to see when a car is damaged? The front and rear sides of the cars bending and expanding. Just like the cars in Driv3r, when they hit something.

Thanks. So you mean the front and rear more dented in the middle? If yes i tested this in a previous version.
By Anthony817
Reflective cars were a HUGE plus to the superior PC version of the first game I missed out on only owning a PS1 in 1998. Would be amazing seeing that effect in your Driver 2 port!

I also agree about the shiny rubber on the tires, but obviously it is still alpha so all will be fixed in due time I am sure.
By car
Some cars in real life had red turn signals. But I never seen a red front turn lamps.

example: (assuming its stock lamps)
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By PrototypeDriver
Skylabh wrote:
PrototypeDriver wrote:I'm already waiting for this bus to come pick me up, lol.

Lol with Tanner as the driver of course :specialdriver:

Great! He already dug the grave for the whole bus. :mrgreen: (Y)
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By Skylabh
francof514 wrote:Really cool those vehicle graphics, i really want to see the other cars, right now is only Chicago ones?
Anthony817 wrote:Yeah, I think he is focusing on 1 city and it's vehicles at a time.

Exactly, I decided to work on Chicago currently.
Recently I asked to SOAP, if he could modify the code of the driver level tool, specifically for my project, so I wait for this also.
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By John Tanner
This is awesome man! I didn´t notice the screenshots with myself out of the car until now, so i´m very happy to see the ability to get out of the car in your project, just like the original game! Can´t wait for a playable demo!
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By francof514
Skylabh wrote:In Driver 2 the vehicles frame's texture is really small, that's why i chose to take the one from Driver, because of its better resolution.

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