Have an interest in "The Crew" Talk about it all in here!

Which platform are you planning on getting The Crew?

Playstation 4
Xbox One
No votes
I'm curious as to the platforms you all are planning on getting this great game on?

I don't think this game will have multiplayer cross compatibility between platforms but maybe they will surprise us.

I want to get an idea on which platform everyone on Driver Madness will get this game, so perhaps I can play multi-player with some of you guys and girls.

I'm going to get PC :)
Unfortunately most of my friends will probably go with the PS4 but I just like the portability of my laptop and the fact it's got it's own screen and everything. I also like to modify with the files as long as there is a way to modify the game without affecting Multi-player function and I love the fact I can get a newer computer 4 years down the track and see improved visuals and basically re-experience the game.

Lol, In 6 years we will probably be able to play this game at 4K UHD resolution :)

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is there split screen on the pc version???