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Hello all,

Over the previous few years I’ve been incredibly difficult to contact.

I’m beginning to get back into contact with everyone from my past. Due to limited time my plan is to re-engage with those I’ve had contact with since 2010, including members of this forum.

So where have I been?

Aliens abducted me and took me to the planet K-PAX found in the constellation of Lyra. There I met PROT he loved bananas, I brought some and played him the bananaphone song. He and his fellow dremers are very fascinating.

Prot was 362 years old when I met him, he said they live thousands of years. I found there dim dusky lighting calming, inspiring me to ask about the way they reproduce? He explained sexual intercourse for them is quite a painful experience.

Life there is so different, there are no laws, governments, schools or religions. I was fairly interested in how they treat the health care of their inhabitants. He showed me some of their laboratories where they analyse herbs and other plant forms. Each village has at least one lab and treatment is available for any ailment. Nothing is synthesized all compounds are sourced from plant life and mixed accordingly.

Human life is so inferior, PROT told me he understood. Pointing out earth and it’s inhabitants are at early stages of planetary & human evolution and need time to develop as a civilization.

We could learn a lot from PROT and his fellow K-PAXians.

I wanted to stay, but PROT said I had to go back and share my newly found knowledge to better our planet.

I got back several months ago and ready to share the love.

I started taking his special herb and am pleased to announce my health is improving. I feel better each passing day and hope this continues. I have been given the power to think clearer and more analytically than ever.

I have some big ideas in the pipeline, but more on that in the future.

Look out for more from me in the future.

My fellow inhabitants
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