The highly successful video game series originally made possible by Crytek and Ubisoft.
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By freaklore1
Far Cry 2 for me is good while for others they either like it or not,the only thing i hate about the game is the ending.

I would like to mention that I really like open world games and this a fine exemple,exploring is something i like.

Far Cry 2 is set in 2 big locations connected to each other set in Africa,the locations are gorgeous from savana to jungles to canyons to deserts,there is lots to see and its beautiful to look at.

The weathers is also well done that it is rains,strong winds and fogs give a deeper atmosphere to the locations.

The vegetations is also well made,they move nicely with the wind and even faster during strong winds,you can shoot off the branches on the trees and the fire propagation in this one is probably much better than in FC3,the wind,the rain and different types of vegetations all have a different effect on the fire,it affect the direction and speed of its propagation.

The day and night cycles here i think is much better than in FC3,i just dont know how but i just feel it,also seeing the time go by really fast when you take a nap is also interesting.Its also nice to look at the sun rising up all the way till it go down or the starry sky with the moon reflecting is light on the grass,the lighting in this game is fabulous.

The animal noises in this one is yet again very nicely done,and like always i like listening to what we can hear on the radios.

I like the multiples choices in this game,we can choose between 9 male characters who all have a certain appearances,we can also choose between the 2 factions (UFLL or APR),even at the start of the game when you wake up after the battle in the city you find yourself in 1 of 4 random locations around the city with an APR or UFLL guy chosen randomly who help you a bit. (i saw 4 differents guys,i dont know if there are more)Only thing that bother me is the fact that there are 3 womens in this game and by looking at them i can presume they were supposed to be characters we could play as. (they all have a machete holster on their left leg just like the 8 playable male characters)

The character might not have a voice when you play as him but it does make you feel has if you were the character,if you want to hear their voices the characters you dont choose become peoples you will meet in this game and become ally with so they do have voices.

Peoples have complained on certain aspects of the game like the ennemies in outposts respawning when you are a certain distance from the locations or the degradations of weapons or it take to much time travelling around.

I dont bother much with those things and here is why.

First whenever i travel around and pass by an outpost already done i just dont give a care and go right through it,if there are ennemies chasing me i just hop on the turret and shoot them up,doesnt take much time to kill them anyway.Secondly the places are filled with ammos and health items,you can always refill on any of the ammo stocks or take ammo from the weapons the ennemies drop,most of the time there is 2-3 water bottles to regenerate your health or 1-2 boxes of syringues,so with all of this its not like you will always be out of ammos or health.

Weapons degrading isnt also a problem for me,by the time i finish a mission or i explore around for diamonds and tapes,i already visited the weapons storage to replace my weapons with brand new ones even if my weapons are not completely degraded yet.

Also even if a mission always seem to be on the other far side of the map,i dont care since i take my time and i like exploring around like i said earlier.

The stealth in this game is less better than in FC 3,but if you have played for quite awhile with this game you start to understand how the AI of the ennemies work.It is possible to be stealthy in this game but it will be very difficult for newbies,it is also considered to buy the camoflage suit as soon as possible but it only work if you are crouched and you dont move,ennemies wont see you and will even pass right next to you,they will only see you if they are a fews meters from you and they are looking in your direction or if you dont kill them as fast as possible.Silenced weapons work,but you need to aim for the head to kill them in one shot and stop them from shouting in pain and alerting the others,only problem if they see the body they will be alerted anyways,so if you have to take one out make sure he is out of view from the others.One more thing to mention if you kill someone its probably better to find another spot since they will search the location around their fallen comrade.

To finish,i would like to say that the only thing i didnt like about the game was the ending why,i'll tell ya why.

You have been sent to kill the Jackal,and this is your goal for the whole of the game,you try to achieve this by making friends and gaining their trust,all of this with the Jackal messing and playing around with you by keeping you alive like he was trying to get you more and even more pissed off.Then suddenly out of nowhere the story make a 180 right in your face,with the Jackal suddenly changing is mind and deciding to become a good guy by saving peoples as if it would erase all the mess he did.Also all your friends turn against you because of their own safety,so your whole quest on gaining their trust just want all to waste.And to end all of this,the cherry on top of the cake,you are given two choices wich doesnt make any difference since in both of them your character and the jackal suicide themselves.

So with an ending like that,its has if you completed everything for nothing,it would have been nice if we could had fought and killed the Jackal in an epic fight.(a cutscene would had also been fine for me)

So yeah thats my toughts on Far Cry 2.

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