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Analysis of Terminator trailers

PostPosted:Sat Mar 12, 2016 9:10 am
by Wheelman75
Back when Terminator Genisys came out, I decided to watch all the Terminator movies to celebrate. For some reason, I also decided to watch all the trailers for said movies. While watching the trailers for The Terminator, I made some discoveries in regards to the order that these trailers came out.

Here's the first one that came out. This one doesn't have any of the familiar music, and a bunch of sound effects are different. Also not that the movie is just called "Terminator" rather than "The Terminator":

Here's the second one. This one has a couple of tracks that were featured in the movie, but still has different sound effects:

Here's the third one. All the music and sound effects seem to be finalized here:

As a bonus, here's my guess - based on the order of the trailers' release - as to the approximate order that scenes were filmed in (spoilers inbound):
  • The future Terminator's attack on the underground base.
  • The Tech Noir scene and subsequent chase.
  • The police station attack.
  • Kyle's arrival in the present.
  • The Terminator rushing off to chase down Sarah and Kyle at the motel.
  • The opening future war scene.
  • The factory scene.
  • The Terminator's arrival in the present.
  • The Terminator murdering the wrong Sarah Connor.
  • The Terminator murdering Ginger.
  • The gun store scene.
  • Kyle's flashback sequence.
  • The restaurant scene.
  • The final chase before the factory scene.
  • The police investigating the dead Sarah Connors.
  • The bar scene.
  • The Terminator patching himself up at his hotel room.
  • Kyle & Sarah's lovemaking scene.

ALSO OF NOTE: Linda Hamilton broke her leg prior to filming, so the production crew tried to schedule all the foot chase scenes towards the end of filming. She was in constant pain throughout the shoot.