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OK, so if anybody remembers this thread...'ll know there was a user who made Driver 1-style music in FL Studio 9. I got FL Studio 10 a few months ago and I want to know just one thing: what channel or plugin do you use to get the Driver 1 sounds?
Hi, I'm that dude. And if you want to get those Driver samples, you'll have to ask a user named TecFox on YouTube. He ripped the ACTUAL samples, aka those that weren't given a special effect treatment and let me tell you something:
- If some samples you heard in the songs don't appear, it's because they're actually a part cut from the original one;
- Their sound is one to at least three octaves below their intended ones, drum sets mostly being three octaves behind, while instruments one to two octaves. I can help you with figuring things out;
- Since these samples have no filters or modifications applied to them, have fun messing with them! Pan them wherever you want, give them some EQ to make them spark, add any effect you like to them.
You just gotta ask TecFox with a message. The user usually takes at least one day to reply, but if they don't, add me on Discord and I'll pass them to you, quickly.

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