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Well, I'm in a bit of trouble here at the moment and I don't know where to ask (WD's discussion board on Steam is dying and there are no modders there...). I just started re-playing Watch Dogs and I would like to reach 100% completion this time, but I must play online to achieve that goal, and the online is kinda dead so, heh. Even the "city hotspots" activities are bugged. So is there a way to cheat progress using Cheat Engine (like "complete 10 Online matches" and set it at 10)? I tried using it but I can't seem to get it working.
Any help would be really appreciated...
I imagine hacking during online mode is not only complicated, but also illegal, so I guess no :(
I'm talking about in-game achievements. I must play online to reach 100% completion in a primarly single-player game :?
Yes, that's the same thing. On theory the game would make connection to the game servers in order to record the progress, but I am not sure if any changes done in real-time would be actually recorded.

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