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By RacingFreak
Been hacking the game since around March 2013, I decided to make a thread here :specialdriver:

My first video (actually just camera testing) of an upcoming video series which I will be doing on YouTube:

Just a list of things I figured out so far...
  • changing the player (incomplete, depends on pre-loaded list
  • changing the player car (as long as it is available)
  • changing spawn position and reading the current position
  • NPC partner (also incomplete)
  • mission destination on/off
  • enemies on/off
  • sky palettes
  • fog
  • editing peds (cops/criminals only; no peds, etc)
  • parkcar (incomplete)
  • car physics
  • car shadow
  • car camera (my proudest discovery, took me a lot of time to figure out!)
  • player camera
  • player walking types
  • enable warning lights mode (similar as when you reach mission destination)
  • traffic lights (yes you can "hack" them in real time by turning them off, permanent red, two colors at once, etc)
  • traffic distance
  • traffic pattern
  • car lods
  • switching around pre-loaded car models in realtime
  • turning siren sound on/off (without turning off the lightbar animation)
  • turning music on/off (without editing options)
  • putting a random ped in your car (yep.)
  • reflections
  • visibility
  • remove smoke
Anyone willing to help me out? There are many things I struggle to figure out, alas I will keep trying.
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By unbid
Sounds promising. Can we enable to change the music in the Free Roam mode in the future? Since the music kinda sucks.
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By TheDriver
This is really nice! I'm glad I'm not the only one who's messing around with this game.
I've seen some pics of that before on IGCD, I believe. I always wondered how to spawn them...
Thing is, I too am experimenting with the game, however, what I'm trying to do is rip the models out, which I actually pulled off:

Now, here's the thing: the model is extremely corrupt, as you would expect from a PS2 rip. However, despite trying numerous things to bend the mesh back into its original state, I failed. So, if anyone could help me fix it, or would like to take a shot at it themselves, feel free to let me know, as this is beyond me.
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By RacingFreak
Models ripped using PCSX2's internal ripper are beyond repair, unless, you go through the sadistic job of remaking it (or finding the scaling value) all yourself and uv-mapping it afterwards... did you use older PCSX2 version?

And here are some videos from today.
More on my channel.
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By max.thunder
Outstanding work RF! That V8 vid gives me Bond vibes.

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