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I'm sorry if the game doesn't fit your dictionary of requirements, [...]
Alright, I'm sorry. I was rude and in a crappy mood when I wrote this comment and I guess it should have been more constructive.
I'm also now starting to see where you're going with the game and I think it could be fun

This reminds me of Just Cause 2 - I bought it, barely knowing anything about it. The first time i played I perceived it as too hectic and chaotic.
Several months later I played it again and I realized -That's the point of the game!- and since then I love it.

I guess that is kinda what happened here, too. No hard feelings, right?
Forgot about this render, this is how the game should look during gameplay as far as textures go:
Render date: 11/25/2014.
And a new screenshot, currently, the city looks like this! This is a transition between forest and city.
Yep, those are indeed caves in this next picture!
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*-Theme entirely changed.
*-Prepare for an advertisement.
*-Estimated system requirements updated:


Generation - 64 Bit based machine.

Processor - 12 Core processor running at 8.00Ghz

Memory - 512GB of DDR4 RAM

Graphics processing - Dedicated video card with 32GB of memory

Operating System - Windows 8.1 64bit Professional/Windows 10 64bit Professional, J...(Name censored, just call it "J") -OS 64 bit.
No. Not in the original design, not in the last design, Not now. Never. The game has nothing to do with gangs now, and in the last game version's story idea it was about being kidnapped by a gang, not be part of one. Now, the game is pure story, I cut the multiplayer aspect, the free roam aspect, it's just pure story now. The story is dark, gritty, and twisted. Not a moment of comedy or anything less then serious will ever be in the game. No more low poly PS1 style, no more 564 polygon protagonist. It is now a game nearly no one would be able to run if I had finished the game as of now, but maybe in 10 years consumers will be able to run the game at 10Fps. I probably won't be done with the game until about 2021 or 2022.

I am working on the protagonist as of right now and it has countless times more detail then Aiden Pearce from Watch Dogs. I mentioned him since that game is known for its Ultra HD graphics. I made up my own definition for the game's graphical plans. I call it "Quantum HD". Even though Quantum in physics means the smallest number of a defined entity, in graphics, my term "Quantum HD" Means infinitely HD. This game does not rely on textures to give life to a scene, the scene is primarily polygon based.

The picture advertisement will be completed within the upcoming week my friends.

Generation - 64 Bit based machine.

Processor - 12 Core processor running at 8.00Ghz

Memory - 512GB of DDR4 RAM

Graphics processing - Dedicated video card with 32GB of memory

Operating System - Windows 8.1 64bit Professional/Windows 10 64bit Professional, J...(Name censored, just call it "J") -OS 64 bit..
Well I can't imagine what will be the recommended requirements.
It's minimum. Do remember that this game is just being built, I'm putting it through another re-design, also the final re-design. By the time I'm finished with the game some consumers will be able to run the game... Poorly... That is my guess. But if technology starts accelerating like it did in the 90's, then maybe things will be different. (I doubt it) I have huge expectations for this game as well Fab2cent. I want this to be monstrous, monstrous gameplay wise and graphics wise. I never wanted to make "OMG GRAPHICS ERMAAWD" but I'm going to have to go insane with visuals to support the new story. Not even our current generation graphics can support the story, hence why I invented "Quantum HD".

Skylabh, do keep in mind that even at the lowest possible graphics settings this game still kills any game that will be released in the next 15+ years after its release date, so I'm sure nobody will mind running at the lowest settings. By guess, maximum settings will need this type of hardware:

Processor - 32 Core processor running at 17.5Ghz

Memory - 1.8TB of DDR4 RAM running at 8.6Ghz

Graphics processing - Dedicated video card with 256GB of memory.

Operating System - (Nothing known yet, I assume Windows 10 64bit Enterprise will support the processing cores and memory amount.) or J-OS 64bit.
dude what kind of dreamworld do you live in

what you plan on doing is like the equivalent of sh*tting out a time machine
instead of trying to impress everyone here on these forums, you should spend a little bit more trying to understand the basic concepts of game design

:specialdriver: <--- your project about to paul walker

i really hate to be rude, but i've been lurking here sometime and i've noticed that all you do is talk about your "future plans for games" that will never happen
think it's time for a new hobby mate aha

also, we get the point
you don't have to have your name repeated three times in your signature, the autism is identifiable from 50 paces back
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-large post-
for real this whole thing reads like a script for an MDE video
Heh, I looked up "MDE" and it seems like a rap group. So thanks I guess. :)
wow dude, i don't know where to start
this has been a really eye opening experience and i hope the next few minutes are really enlightening for you
Also, since you haven't noticed, I don't give a living f***ing hell about if anyone is impressed or not, what is so impressive about telling people I hate my life and everything involved in it and saying how I have been alone for eight dam years straight?
holy cow
let's take a look at this one here, i wonder if there's any correlation between acting like an assmunch and talking about how much you hate life, lol try living in a third world country
maybe you wouldn't be alone if you told people things that were physically possible, how is anyone suppose to take you seriously when you talk in terms of magic

"let me just boot up j-os on my linux overdrive powerbook and sign onto spudbook, there we can play my game in a 16K reso monitor with our Suzuki JXXR racing game pads"
it's as if you came from some parallel universe dystopia where 90s culture met the year 2064

something like this

also lol what are you talking about, "people stealing your avatars" i made this one all by myself
you probably stole it from me (N) (N) (N)

"also we're really sorry you have to go to school" - the millions of us who currently went to or are going to school
No wonder these forms are dead. Everyone is harassing Dark all the time and he's the only barely keeping this website alive, then you got people on dm skype spamming up a swarm while people are building armies against Dark. Will you people stop harassing each other for fucks sake. I swear, nobody ever grows up.
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