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By carking1996
Carking, do you know that Unity has backface culling enabled by default ? Because on the pictures we can see through some parts of the car ( bumpers for example ).
Backface culling, I turn it off. ;) Those faces are just the doorlines, they are 3d ya know. :)

Some news:

- I reprogrammed a lot of the car physics. Redid the wheel-collider settings. Car drifts a bit more, like the first version of the game. Also it being more stable at higher speeds. There is also a higher sense of speed. :)
- Expanding the city. Adding more roads, a better river, etc.
- An Elevation Train is coming! It has good progress so far.
- New car selection screen. Cars are now on a rotating turntable, which rotates when you press the left/right arrow to scroll through the cars.

Any more ideas are welcomed, guys. :)
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By T.K.
I guess it hasn't been mentioned yet. I'm doing the soundtrack on this game since I have free time now.
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By Clutch
Looks nice. I don't like the textures, are so tiled... too much, it looks very boring. Textures on curves of pavements are terrible.
However rendering looks quite good. Are you working in Unity?

Menu is very... simple and oldschool.
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By T.K.
Lordy, that's a while o_o Oh well, plenty more time. I'm actually working on one as we speak. Also, is it OK if I do redo the theme to more of a funk track? Otherwise, this is not going to match with the rest of the soundtrack at all.
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By carking1996
New cars made! The name is the Karumaz 212F tuner-based car. It has a nice paintjob made by me and the design if 95% me, except the base car. But all the details like the lights and bodykit are designed by me and the kit is mercedes-inspired. :)


This one is the Zapoz Ninja. It is far from complete. It is also a tuner-based vehicle!


As you can see from the above images, the city is also being remodeled!
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By max.thunder
Car looks pretty good!, the paintjob reminds me of Brooklyn Punk (Driver Parallel Lines)
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