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By T.K.
DOOM, DOOM 2, DOOM 3, the upcoming DOOM 4, the DOOM movie, novels, the phone game, talk about it here.

I've been playing the original DOOM since late December, and used to edit it, although I don't edit anymore.

VERY fun game, nice background music, and a timeless classic.

I used to think DOOM really wasn't worth it, but when I played it, oh boy, did I think different. Absolute fun, strategy at perfect times (a.k.a. not constant thinking), speed, and still scary and keeps you on your toes.

I play it using DOSBox on Windows 7.
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By Driver of DOOM
Yea, I love the Ultimate Doom on PS1, I turn the sound up high and the lights down low, just so i sh*t myself when the last enemy sneaks up beg hind me on a level, f***ing amazing game, ain't making many like that now, or are they, I had never heard about Doom 4!

While i must say i was disappointed about doom 3, but I always like to hear about the latest ID software offerings! Where did u find out about this? Also have you played the level of Doom1 with the nightclub, that's a b*t*h on Kill me plenty!
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