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[PROJECT] Driver 3/Vehicles

PostPosted:Wed Oct 01, 2008 11:51 am
by madness
Here is a link to an example page I have created so far ... /Miami/001


This page will require you to write about all the vehicles within the game, a separate page for each vehicle with informative infoboxes and images.


Vehicles should be identified by a unique number, these have already been defined for Miami in this thread, and you may also use this thread to help work out their real names or vehicles that inspired their development within the game.

At the moment that thread only shows Miami vehicles. Nice and Istanbul vehicles may be added later however if you want a direct listing we will be using the DRIV3R I-Guide to identify their unique numbers. If you

PostPosted:Wed Nov 26, 2008 6:25 pm
by madness
I just finished creating pages for all the vehicles in DRIV3R. These pages only contain specifications and images of the vehicles. I'm still looking for a couple of editors who will be interested in writing more information about them. ... /Miami/001 ... /Miami/002 ... /Miami/003 ... /Miami/004 ... /Miami/005 ... /Miami/006 ... /Miami/007 ... /Miami/008 ... /Miami/009 ... /Miami/010 ... /Miami/011 ... /Miami/012 ... /Miami/013 ... /Miami/014 ... /Miami/015 ... /Miami/016 ... /Miami/017 ... /Miami/018 ... /Miami/019 ... /Miami/020 ... /Miami/021 ... /Miami/022 ... /Miami/023 ... /Miami/024 ... /Miami/025 ... /Miami/026 ... /Miami/027

If your interesting in adding any information for the above vehicles, please discuss this here and/or sign into your DriverWiki account. Press the edit button and enter any additional information you want to add between the following.
| footnotes = additional information on this vehicle
enter information you want to add here.
==Additional Screenshots==