Discuss the DriverWiki in here.
If anyone's interested they can partially take over; as long as they can prove their dedicated and know what there doing (or willing to learn). I'll offer to provide full ftp and administration access to keep this project going.

I'll continue to provide reliable hosting; and when I change hosting providers I can also give mysql user and password information.
Noting that my plans for a future web host doesn't include cpanel but unrestricted sql database privileges with phpmyadmin. Everything has to be done the slightly harder way but you'll have more control over the database.
If anyone is interested I'll provide more information.
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By Fireboyd78
I will take over. My grammar is very good, and very fluent. Just last night I was fixing some grammar errors. My username on there is CarLuver69.
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By Nikusakken
Sounds interesting, however, I don't know where I could help at...
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By bb_42001
i would also like to do it.. maybe me and carluver can like share?
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By madness
If your interested just say, from there we can work things out :)
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By Fireboyd78
madness, I said I was interested. Wheres an email, a PM, something?!!
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By madness
I haven't sent anything out yet!
I'm just waiting a couple of weeks. Then I'll give further instructions and give out administrative privileges, ftp details ect. Between now and then I'll discuss any questions anyone has.

I'd also suggest you check out MediaWiki.com and take a look around, there are some useful resources on developing, maintaining a wiki. :)
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By T.K.
I'd love to, but the fact that I'm never around there enough anymore kinda hurts. I vote for CL69.
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By Fireboyd78
f**k this sh*t. I quit my job to change the DriverWiki, you guys don't deserve to have a nice wiki. Find someone else that gives a sh*t.

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