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By Nikusakken
NO SWEARING,- unless censored. words like "hell" "damn" "crap" and "sh*t" (depends in the way that you want to explain)

STAY IN RIO DE JANEIRO (THE CITY),- unless at the end of the story.

STAY IN THE 2008,- Because the year is in the end so...

DONT KILL OFF OTHER MEMBERS' CHARACTERS,- ex-if you are Madness, you cant kill off Sedans, if Sedans wants to die off the story,He must be killed by someone that is NOT a member or kill himself.

YOU CANNOT BE IMPRIOSNED FOR EXTENED PERIODS OF TIME,- if you must get arrested for storys sake, you cant be in jail for over a week.

HAVE FUN,- iOf course ;)

to be able to have fun, we need a story, and ill give the setting in time,ect.

Time: JANUARY 1st, 2008 21st Century
Setting: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Soth America, Latin America, Earth, Milk Way, Universe

ok, now ill start us off:

INTRO: It's New Year, madness and Sedans and other a guy that Nick don't know his name are in Rio de Janeiro for some take some rest. In Copacabana Beach, They find Nick Brasil (or simply Nick if you want), that is drinking Coke. As Nick lives in Rio, he's going to show off the city to have some D2 feel.Than, They went see Christ the Reedemer (is this word right ??) After it, Sedans have a idea:
- What about some Driver feel ? says sedans
- Yeah !, run away from the cops and other things.- says madness
- Let's take that car ! A "tunned" Honda Civic ! says the unknow guy.
- Ok ! says sedans and madness
-What ?! This car is ugly ! says Nick
- I'll drive ! says madness

After it, they are at 123 KM/H, and the cops are after they.

-****Until my grandmother's cars is faster than it ! says sedans
-Because this car is RICED, not tunned. The engine is stock and it' appearence is loaded of sh*t ! says Nick
- At least we are faster than the cops. says madness
- Let me take my Uzi ! says sedans

Plac, plac, plac ! Booom ! booom ! vruummm ! riiiiiii ! crash ! LOL ! WTF ! vruuuuuuumm !

After this super pursuit, the police car destroyed, and the Civic too.

- Let's go ! says Nick
After arriving in this place...

- What the **** place is this ? says madness
- This is a "false" home. Only for modifing cars, guns, sprays... says Nick
- Sprays ?! I love this place ! says Sedans

After this, Lil' Bayano, the bigges drug dealer in Rio, i pursuiting Nick because of the "daily poluition". Nick, Sedans, madness and the unknow guy
-Run ! Run ! says Nick
-Let's take that M5 !

This is your turn now.
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By Sedans
Aight. I haven't done this in a while so I may be a bit rusty.

The four got into the M5 as fast a possible, Nick got into the driver side and Sedans got into the passenger side with his UZI, while madness and "No name" Got into the back seats. Nick pulled the car up to a roaring fast speed. The Dopeman was determined, though, and had his thug goon henchmen chase after the four, in a black BMW 7 Series. Sedans whirled around and started shooting at the car, bursting the windshield in an explosion of action. The 7 series was persistant, and the thug in the passenger side of the car pulled out a .45 and shot the back window out of the car. Sedans quickly put a new clip into the uzi and turned around, shooting at the car killing the driver, while madness took a 9mm and shot the passenger with incredible luck while Nick was driving at insane speed.

So Nick, Sedans, madness, and "No name" All hopped in the M5 again. And AGAIN, Nick got into the driver side and Sedans got into the passenger side with his uzi, while madness and "no name" Got into the back seats. Madness had taken his PSP, so he would not be bored. Nick started driving around Rio (I hope you know I dont know anything about Rio other than the fact it was in a Driver game so work with me here, OK?) It was around noon so Nick drove to a fast food joint. Sedans left his uzi in the car and madness brought his PSP with him because he wanted something to do while he waited for his food. Nick Went to order food while the three others went to sit down. When Nick came back he had a tray with a lot of food on it. The four ate, and out of the silence, Madness spoke, And a conversation began.

Ahh.. memories...

Thats all for now.. I migh add soem later.
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By Nikusakken
- LOL ! That was a cool escape. says madness
-Yeah, but we need go to a hotel, because they can find us. says Nick
- OK, but we we'll go ?? says sedans
- How many money do you have. says Nick
- Err I have $50 cents. says Sedans
- AU$ 1,99. says madness
- Err $1 cent. said the "no name"
- I have R$ (brazilian money)50... It's not enough. for a hotel but enough to pay the food. said Nick.
- Hey I have a friend that lives here in Rio, in Leblon. I think that we can take some rest there. says "no name".
- All right. Let's go.

So they payed the food and hopped in the M5, and Again Nick got into the driver side, while "no name" was in the passenger side, and Sedans and madness were on the back seat.
Suddenly, sedans turned on the radio and put a Snoop Dogg's CD.

A'm tired... Now someone continues it.
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By DriverKid
They drove down the road, narrowly mising a lot of different vehicles, scaring the heck out of everybody, except for Nick. (My time to barge in lol)
They were driving, when Madness said "Stop!"
"What is it?" Nick asked.
'It's DriverKid. He helped me when we were back in New York! I wonder what he's doing here."
DriverKid was sitting there on the curb, playing his PSP, enjoying Driver 76 (goddammit I want that game lol) when he saw a BMW skid down the road and stop beside him. DriverKid realised who they were, and hopped in the car. He gave a hi, and Nick did a burnout, and they started going really, realy fast! They hit a parked car carrier, which had just finished unloading cars at a dealership, and were sailing through the air. Madness looked up from his PSP, looked down again, then looked up again in amazement. The car hit the ground, and they were off again.

I'm done. Somebody else do it!
By cleone
Heading straight towards them was another speeding vehicle going 177MPH. The car was a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution. In hot pursuit of the vehicle were 43 cops.

"Holy s***, dude! Look at that guy." says no-name.
"D***, that's crazy." says Sedans.
"Guys follow him. I recognize that face." says Madness.

So Nick turned around and caught up with the dude. The crazy dude was not the only one being chased anymore... Nick was wanted even more. Nick had 51 cops on his tail. The crazy dude and Nick drove next to each other. Nick took a glance over at the face, it was Chrisl121212! CRASH! Nick wasn't paying attention and crashed. The police surrounded the vehicle. Madness and Sedans got the guns, but they ran out of ammo and clips. They were screwed. The 5 guys had cuffs slammed onto them, and they were hauled away. Nick, DriverKid, and Madness were in one police car, the others were in another police car. Then they all saw a blue thing speeding towards them. Then they heard gun shots. The 4 tires of both police vehicles were shot. The pigs got out of their cars, and so did Chrisl121212. Chrisl121212 shot them all down. Chrisl121212 grabbed the keys for the handcuffs, and freed everyone. He loaded them all into his car. There wasn't enough room, so no-name sat Sedans lap (ROFL :lol: ). Just as Chris was getting in...

"FREEZE!!!" Chris turned around he was surrounded by cops. He didn't get his gun out in time, and the cops got him. Nick hopped into the driver's seat and ran over all of the cops. Nick freed Chris, and they got back into the car. No-name sat on Nick's lap this time. No-name had to take a leak, so he was bouncing and shaking the entire time (ROFL!!! :lol: ). Chris got to his hotel, which is where everyone stayed. While there, Chris showed them how good he was at Driv3r on his PS2 that he snuck in. They were surprised at how easily he got past the Arms Deal mission. Then, he went over to his laptop and showed them some stuff about the Driver game that he was working on which was to come out in 2010. Then out of nowhere, the door got knocked down...

Someone else's turn.
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By Nikusakken
It was Tanner. He was in a bad mood because someone stole his 1967 Chevrolet Camaro. Madness said that the rest of the group would help him to search for his car. Nick drives. They start looking at places like Copacabana and Ipanema, when Nick suddenly have an idea. To search in the favela da Rocinha. However, Nick advises that it' s a really dangerous places, as it's controled by drug dealers. They start searching around, until some criminals see them and call the rest of the group, and go after the DM group.

They shot at the group, and say to them to surrender:
"Seus gringo do caralho, o que estão fazendo nessa porra?
Nick says: "Nós estamos procurando um carro vermelho com uma faixa preta. Que acho que vocês trouxeram para cá."
"Sim, nois pegamo sim, e daí? Voceis estão invadindo aqui, cumpadi. Aquele ferro-velho é nosso agora, tá entendendo?"
Nick says (in a sarcastic tone): "É claro que sim."
Badguy says: "Agora voceis vaum acorda com formiga na boca, ta ligado porra."

Madness takes a Heckler & Koch USP and shot at a badguys head. A gunfight them happens, at the same that the police special force (BOPE) arrives with the Caveirão, and armoured helicopters.

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