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By Sedans
Holy f***ing sh*t!

People here in Louisiana start to put on jackets at 60 F because it's so hot out here, we'd all DIE if it was 100- from 60!

Lately it's been in the 40's, but we rarely, almost NEVER, see snow.
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By Harlequin
Most Australian's don't see natural snow unless they leave the country. It's been pretty nice in Adelaide this month. I think the weather is trying to make up for bombarding us with ten days of above 100degrees Fahrenheit, and three with 110 degrees... I'd trade places with any of you right now... lmao
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By max.thunder
Also in Spain is snowing.
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By Fireboyd78
Tanner says Hi from Miami.
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By T.K.
while on fire
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By Driver of DOOM
which is natural because he is in Miami
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Then he go to his new Mustang and drive recklessly and smash to a van and ignored it then continue driving.
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