Driver Madness competitions will be posted here.
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By Coyote
Oh cool you really live in Las Vegas :P
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By madness
Probably LoXodonte contacted madness per mail and we didn't know anything about that.
Yeah, he contacted me 5 hours before your post via. PM.
By nitrored
Oh cool you really live in Las Vegas :P
yup! :P
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By Coyote
You're so lucky, I live in a horrible city :(.
By Moonchild
[3rd] Received...
Picture Included
Haven't herd from
Never got a PM with address details. Unfortunately Miller has disappeared from this community.
[5th] Received...
(4) Pictures Included
[6th] Received...
[4th] Received...
[7th] Received...
[1st] Received...
[2nd] Received...
Driver 911
Error... Fixing

The received positions aren't even close to accurate, I just recorded these from the times/dates they were posted.

Also remember to show your appreciation, please post a thank you message if you haven't done so yet and take a few photos if you have a camera ready, the bigger thing we make out of this the more chance we might get some more little goodies from ubisoft.
just to answer madness 's checklist, i got the shirt and soon i'll post a thankyou to ubisoft and madness. i can't do it now since im using a sixaxis controller to type this and well, its annoying and slow
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