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By CascaDEER
Hi everyone.

I tried running Driv3r recently on Windows 10. Everything seems fine besides one thing - game does not respond to any keys pressed. It reacts to a mouse input, but only to some degree - I tried reconfiguring the key for shooting (which is num5 by default for some reason) to a LMB but that didn't work, yet it was possible to navigate the menus in game using mouse. Any ideas and help in solving the issue? If you need any specs on my configuration let me know exactly 'cause I don't know what makes a difference in this situation.
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By helegad
Specs wouldn't matter here because this is clearly a software issue. Windows 10 is notorious for having issues with older games. Wouldn't be surprised if the only thing to do was to go back to an earlier OS.
By CascaDEER
Well, it seems that after I deactivated driver signature verification the game works absolutely fine, although I'm kinda astonished this helped, like it had anything to do with the problem. Maybe it fixed because to switch this, I had to do some special reboot procedures and stuff (holding shift when choosing reboot) I did this once, when I wanted to install Magic Disc, windows kept telling me that this piece of software isn't supported anymore.

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