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By madness
Driver: Parallel Lines (PC) Frequently Asked Questions
NOTE: This FAQ is quite unfinished and sloppy, within the next month it should feel a little more finished as more problems will be reported.

Game performs sloppy once every couple of minutes on a standard windows xp system. Usually a small pause is noticed every single period.

FIX 1: Make sure all your background applications are closed
Having many other applications open at the same time can reduce the game performance so we suggest you close everything down and play the game, if you are still having problems you can press "Ctrl-Alt-Delete" to go into the task manager and go to the processors tab and close as many processors as you can and try to reduce it to about 15 to 20 processors and hopefully this will fix the issue if not please open up a topic and see what else we can try to fix this problem.

Gameplay Issues
The weapons are invisible
You'll need to buy the full game to fix this, there is a fix but since this would have occurred you have an illegal version of the game we don't want to help piracy in the driver series in anyway.

Support Report
Windows Vista x64
1 user has reported the game to run flawlessly with not even a single problem. Most other games at least have a problem. Their pc included a "geforce 7600 gts"

Windows XP
Information Coming Soon...

Windows 2000
Information Coming Soon...

Windows ME
Information Coming Soon...

Windows 98SE
Information Coming Soon...

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