There is a new poll system in development, try it out here. This is not a automated service like the older system however I'm trying to work out how I may accomplish this.
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By madness
I've been working on a new polls system this week and I've finished the main elements that make it work. Currently I'm the only person with the ability to create these but in the future I may work on implementing the ability for someone else to create a very similar poll with the same look but that could be a while away if I decided to spend the extra time to do this.

Currently with this new system everyone will have the ability to put these polls on their own websites as embedded flash elements and a link will be provided for each poll provided so if you want to spread the results around a little more you can put this on all the site your able to embed any flash in.

So here is how it works, once in every while I'll add some more polls, I'll also set up a requesting forum where you can request a poll.

So in every post in the "New System" area I'll post topics for each and every poll I'll also include a link to the poll so you can include in on your site, and do not attempt to copy the poll and upload it on your own server, the poll is watermarked and will only work on this server.

Anyways here is an example of a post...
[flash width=186 height=200] ... ain_P1.swf[/flash]
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EDIT: The forum script is stopping the poll from being displayed properly so for now you'll have to click on the link to be able to vote. In this case the link is ... ain_P1.swf so click on it :) and check it out until I can get it working with the forum.

and that will be the basic outlook.
Each user will be able to vote once and will not be able to vote again as their is fairly heavy voting protection.

Hopefully you enjoy this new element of the Driver Madness network.
Please note this is still in beta and may not work 100% so report any problems by clicking here.

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