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Many of you guys maybe yet noticed, release date of Driver: San Francisco is coming so near. By far, we are one of the few Driver only related site and the first to made Driver modding possible. By far, we have:
  • Reliable Staff members;
  • Driver Madness News - maintained by T.K. and Nikusakken;
  • 'Network', with having an option per personal blog and site for the users;
  • Having strong community and programmers, you know, Jeff and SOAP where in the all that stuff about Driver 1 PC;

Things of we need:
  • Special Driver series themes. We have many, but for example that for DSF is a little bit uncompleted; I`ll take the work making Driver, Driver2, Driv3r, Driver: PL, Driver: SF themes and one general theme, from scratch. I have the idea using separate themes in appropriate subforums;
  • Downloads - it`s so screwed, we need seriously take and repair it;
  • New and fresh portal, I`m thinking of making Driver San Francisco theme alike, since as you know, few UbiStaff members are here. We should better do something nice, to keep on their eyes ;)

Just my opinion on what we should do for our 5 years old nowadays Network. We need to keep it alive and running strong.

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