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By bb_42001
I would like to inform everyone about the Driver Madness Search engine powered by google. It is custom set to only search about 6 sites that would provide driver news or news from other games if required, i can always add more later, you can use it to search the web but not from its home page only from the results, i am still tweaking it at the moment and i do plan to eventually put a link at the top of this page.

The link to the Driver Madness search engine is: http://www.driversearch.drivermadness.net and yes i do know the clock is displaying Australian time.

If you can think of any other sites that you would like me to categorise please list them as a comment and i hope DMS turns out ok.

Also yes it is another way for DM to make money.
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By bb_42001
no, the donation miller made will keep DM running for years to come... but i want to get dm profitable i would rather having DM make as much money as it takes to run this place.

Plus anyway it is like google adsense, you only make money when someone clicks an ad displayed on the search results page.

other then that, it will make fine Driver information easier and other game information and videos easier.

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