Share videos you've created/found here!
Seen loads of GTA ones, so I think it's time for a Driver type one. 'San Francisco's Mildest Police Chases'. I've made a trailer/intro to see if people like the idea, I'm already making 'episode 1' but I really would like to know if people would actually think it's a good idea. All I need to do is work on the over- the- top commentary for it. :P
Over-the-top-commentary? Give me a script and I'll read them in a tough-guy voice. I'd really like to try doing some voiceover work at least once or twice.
Sure I'll try to write something up this week, feel free to tweak or even change some of it. I have had a go at the voice over myself, and so has a close friend of mine. At this moment in time the 'Episode' is only about 5 minutes long. But has two chases in it. I might keep it at that, but I'll see how it goes. I'll keep you posted. :)
I've made it. Hope you like it. (The following is what I put in the description)
'Pilot' Episode. If it gets 5 likes or more within a month, I'll make another one (Longer too). The voice- over isn't necessarily one being used for the future. I don't like it that much due to a slight English accent, but if you do like it, then let me know!

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