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By bb_42001
Ok, DSF has been released across most of the world by now, so come here and tell us what your first impressions are of the game?
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By 0takumetalhead
Story is descent but get's ridiculous and a bit boring after a while. Would be nice if the next installment won't be in someone's mind. Framerate is constant 60 FPS which is great, did lag a bit in one of the challenges though. Streets are allways full of cars which is also a big plus (and also diverse later on in the game). I actually like it alot that the gameplay is almost the same as in Driver 1 (when not using shift , ram and boost). Overall, for me was it worth the wait, the only thing that i hope for (which may be a bit offtopic) is that Tanner's Challenger will still be availbe to drive around with when the story mode is completed. I was halfway through the story at the time of writing.
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By max.thunder
PC players will have to wait until the end of the month to get the game. Damn. :(
Same here. :(
What is Dolphin??
It's an Wii and Gamecube emulator.

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