Modding discussion for Driver: San Francisco.
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By Olanov

Moods Rework is an attempt at bringing more life to the environments by tweaking the moods to be more vibrant and alive, closer like the console version but not re-creating the experience.

Download: ... vGVsP/view


- moods can occasionaly break in between going into missions in free drive - going back to the main menu and in-game fixes this

- emergency lights have a small ghost effect on top of the lights

(Version 1)

- created 5 new moods combined from existing ones, with tweaked values, these include:

Day 1-2, Dusk 1-3, these show up in free ride across the different chapters.

- all other moods excluding some multiplayer special effects have been changed, this includes movie challenges and vanilla free drive moods,
changes within them include but are not limited to:

- emergency lights & vehicle headlights have been made stronger

- vehicles are more glossy

- HDR has been amplified as well as bloom, varying per mood
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